• Ford Mustang 5.0 302 EFI Mass Air Conversion Harness Kit


     Ford Mustang 5.0 302 EFI Mass Air Conversion Harness Kit


    • No reprogramming of your ECU computer
    • No check engine light
    • No cutting wires
    • Easy to follow Instructions Included
    • Provide better gas mileage & MORE HP!
    • Supports all engine modification


    •  Mass Air Conversion Harness 
    • All Needed Hardware
    • Installation Instructions

    Note: Buyer will need to obtain a 89-93 Mass Air Flow Meter, and a MAF EEC-IV Computer
    We recommend you use a 9AL EEC-IV Computer for best performance
    Converts production “speed density” system to “mass airflow” system, which directly measures engine airflow, and supports engine modifications.
    Continues good vehicle drivability when you improve performance by installing Equipment such as superchargers,nitrous oxide systems,camshafts, aluminum or high-flow cast iron cylinder heads, intake manifolds, headers or dual exhaust systems, axle ratios and other changes.
    Convert your speed density system to mass air with this wiring harness.Just connect this harness to your MAF sensor (not included) and simply plug into your existing speed density wiring harness that connects to the mass air ECM (not included).